We are developing, designing, manufacturing and selling electrochemical measurement equipment. We also work in the corrosion field, charge / discharge characteristic testing, measurement software, etc. We are developing systems in line with user research and experiments. In addition, the control software for measurement developed in-house is programmed to operate intuitively, and it can be customised according to the user's research and experiment.

Software that brings out the full potential of the potentiostat based on the basic functions of data import, data file creation, graph creation, measurement function generation, and measurement data processing. It also has a function to control an external device while interlocking.

We will continue to develop electrochemical devices tailored to your needs.

Today's generations tend to prefer first-hand gold, colorful jobs, and clearly visible jobs. So I think it would be difficult to hear a clear answer from electronic science suddenly. Although this kind of field is rather a kind job, there is no doubt that it is at least an indispensable field in society. We think that there will be opportunities for the younger generation in the future to contribute to society more widely during the declining birthrate and aging population, and we will create a "work experience program" for young people with the meaning of human resource development There is.


Name:   Toho Technical Research Co., Ltd


Address:  4-27-11 Utsukushigaoka, Aoba ward, Yokohama, Japan


CEO:      Satoru Higo


Establishment:     November 1978


Services:    1. Design, development, manufacture and sales of

                            electrochemical measuring instruments

         2. Design and sales of measurement systems


Bank:        1. Risona Bank Ltd.     Machida Central Branch  

         2. Bank of Yokohama  Aobadai Branch


Main Business with: National University Corporation 

                   Univeresity of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology 

       Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology                                Tokyo Metropolitan University 

                   Yokohama National University etc





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電話番号  :045-482-4861

FAX   : 045-482-4862